Why are we doing this?

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Evergreen girls was born out of a passion for being outdoors.

The confidence it instills, the tools and time it supplies to work through Evergreen Girls, Nature, Hiking, Goals, Confidence, Outdoorsproblems and the ultimate peace and clarity it provides. Ultimately, our goals are to share this power with other women and girls. We want to create a community of women who are just getting started to those who are experts on the mountain. No Evergreen girl is better than the other, but every Evergreen girl has something to teach and learn from the other.

Through our inclusive website we want to bring a tribe of trailblazing women together by educating them on important environmental and women’s issues. We want to one day meet these women and bring more into the fold through group hikes, educational classes and trips.

One of our long-term goals is to offer trips to girls and women, ages 11 to 23. Out in nature, we hope to help women create a community of strong females to surround themselves with – one that will last, long Evergreen girls, goals, women, hiking, confidence, natureafter the dirt path ends. We want to instill a love of nature and a confidence to pursue it in our younger Evergreen Girls. We want the women on our trips to walk away with a sense of clarity. Using nature to test our limits, we want our participants to get perspective on their sense of self and take the skills they’ve honed to succeed in any environment.

We know the positive impacts nature has made in our own lives. Although the outdoors should be available to everyone, we aren’t naive enough to believe that it really is. We were (and are!) thankful we could afford the gas it took to get to the trail, the shoes it cost to hike comfortably and a tent if we wanted to stay the night. Not only that, but at a young age, we had adults in our lives who nurtured our senses of adventure and introduced us to nature so our confidence there could grow without limits long into adulthood.

Grace and Katie believe that all women and girls, no matter where they come from, should be included in the world of the great outdoors. One of the milestones we’re most excited about is being able to offer scholarships to girls who just don’t have the means or background to get involved. We want to help give them a leg up on the trail and in life.

By supporting us and our long term goals you’re making our dreams of including these women possible.