How are we achieving this goal?

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If you’ve stuck with us so far then you know, who we are, what you can expect from us and why we’re doing this. What you need to know now is – we are working hard to achieve this goal.

evergreen girl, goal, nature, work, confidence, outdoorsAs professionally trained journalists, storytelling is in our blood. We’re creating content as fast as our fingers can type and our feet can hike. We’re also working to build a network of female leaders. Here you’ll find their stories, their trials and their triumphs.These are real women, who are living their best lives and have come a long way to do so, women we can all learn from. From starting their own businesses to performing at the top of their field, these women have gotten where they are in part because of their relationship with nature. We’re evergreen girl, nature, goal, work, female, leader, confidence, outdoorstalking to experts and beginners and everyone in between. They’re letting US write their stories for YOU to benefit from and become inspired by.

Our Evergreen Girls series isn’t just written word, it’s a podcast too! Sure, we can tell you about these female pathfinders but we want you to hear from them yourselves. We’ll do the work, gather the women and put their collection of invaluable resources and insights in front of you.

evergreen girl, goalLast but not least, no business is complete without a proper shop. We will also be supporting female artists and creators by selling their products. Stained glass, jewelry, adventure gear and more – all inspired by the outdoors. It’s amazing what our Evergreen creators are making and we can’t wait to show you.

Our goal is lofty – but the first step in achieving it is by creating original content. Content that will help beginners get outdoors and help experts share their trail-tested tips and advice. We are making a website for you, fearless woman, to help you along your path.