GEAR UP: Danner Jag Hiking Boots for women

From Stranger Things to the Danner Jag – the 80s are back, baby. Naturally when I wore a hole in my Merrell All Out Charges, I had to give this 80s remake a try and I have not been disappointed.

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The quick and dirty:

Danner Jag
  • Comfort
  • Weather Resistance
  • Support
  • Durability
  • Weight
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The brand: Danner Boots are a well respected brand by urban hikers to backpackers alike. They’ve been making shoes since 1932. The brand was made particularly famous in 2014 when Reese Witherspoon (portraying Cheryl Strayed) tossed one of the shoes off a mountain side in the movie Wild. 

Weight: 2.1 lbs
Insulated: no
Waterproof: yes
Material: nylon and leather, comes with two pairs of laces
Height: 4.5”, ankle height

Trail tested: I broke these in on a hike to Whitaker Point in Arkansas. It was an easy three miler. If you’re like me, you’re hyper-sensitive when breaking in a new shoe. Every couple steps I would reassess, wiggle my toes and ask myself the hard questions:

is that a blister forming?

Every step up and down I analyze how my foot moves forward in toe box and whether or not I’m going to have a bruised big toe nail by the time the trail ends. I can honestly say as far as feet go, my first hike with the Jags was uneventful. I had no blisters, my big toe was unscathed and not a single rock bruised the underside of my foot. By the time I reached the epic lookout, I wasn’t thinking about my feet, which is how I think a hike should be.

Since then, these hiking boots have taken me from Arkansas to peaks in the Pacific Northwest and beyond.

I’ve been wearing my Danner Jags for a few months now. Once, I wore them on an 80 degree day with wool socks. If hot feet are a concern for you, I can tell you, mine were fine! They’re made of leather with nylon panels so the heat escapes pretty well. That being said, a thick pair of wool socks and they’re well insulated for winter hiking.They’re sturdy and they’re holding up. I’ve had shoes that haven’t made it past the three month mark, so color me impressed so far. I’m going to be wearing these hiking boots until I can’t anymore and update this post throughout our journey. Hopefully, unlike Cheryl Strayed, that doesn’t mean I’ll drop one off the side of a mountain.

Here’s my take: I’m usually a little skeptical about more traditional, high ankle, hiking boots, but the Jag doesn’t rub or blister. To me, the best part is, the back drops down, so your ankle has some wiggle room. It’s also not heavy. Some hiking shoes feel like five pound weights strapped to your feet. I personally like a little more freedom in the ankle area but the Jag is lightweight and maneuverable while also being supportive. These women’s hiking boots are extremely comfortable, versatile and let’s face it, fashionable. Would I buy them again? Yep.

danner jag, hiking boots, women's hiking boots, hiking shoes, women's shoes, shoes, hiking, trail, gear review, outdoor, Danner BootsLet’s talk money: The Danner Jags will run you somewhere between $130-$170. As far as Danner boots go that’s a good deal. The brand has boots as expensive as $380.

Do you have Danner Jags? Rate them above and leave a review in the comments. We love to hear your experiences!