Best of: winter candles to set the scene

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Voluspa : Gilt Pomander & Hinoki // $28

Courtesy of Voluspa

The name sounds amazing, but what does it mean? Oh, my friend – something wonderful. This opulent candle will fill your home with the scents of cardamom, holly berries and Japanese Hinoki (a cypress tree). All you need is a faux-fur throw and a big glass of Bordeaux. Voluspa is known for its luxurious, American hand-poured candles – which is why it’s one of our best winter candles. They use a coconut wax blend, sustainable manufacturing practices and no animal testing. A 16 oz. fill will give you a 100 hour burn time, but don’t dread the candle’s end – think about the possibilities for that beautiful glass jar.

Archipelago : Birch Soy Candle // $32

Courtesy of Archipelago Candles

For those of you looking for something classic and simple – we love the notes of freshly cut birch, balsam sap and moss this candle gives off. And you can feel good about what lingers after the scents fade away – Archipelago Bontanicals soy candles are hand-poured and made with essential oils and natural fragrances. Burn this baby as you’re waking up on a chilly Saturday morning, with your favorite mug in hand. This 14 oz. candle has a burn-life of 90 hours.

Candlefish : No. 100 // $22

Courtesy of Candlefish

Picture: instead of shelves, towering high, packed with books – candles. It’s a real thing. Candlefish is a Charleston, S.C. artisan candle studio that offers a library of 100 candle fragrances. If you want a candle that’s elegant, but masculine, and just plain delicious, No. 100 is for you. Green grapes, muguet (Lily of the valley) and vetiver combine to emit a rich scent that will warm your soul as you’re getting ready for a night out on the town. Nab the 9 oz. or you might regret it. The company makes all its candles in house by hand, using cotton wicks and all natural soy wax.

The Nest, Tulsa : Balsam Fir // $28

Courtesy of K. Higgins

For that person who’d keep their tree up long past Christmas if they could get away with it – this hand-poured, Balsam Fir candle from The Nest in Tulsa, OK is scrumptious. One Evergreen Girl described it, “like every day is the day you pick out your tree.” The magic of the forest, in the comfort of home? Yes, please. A bonus: Shop owners give a discount on your next candle if you bring the glass back once you’re finished burning.

Base Camp : Campfire + Whiskey Soy Candle // $15.95

Courtesy of The Wandering Bison

For those folks who love a great candle, but are over the classic holiday or winter scents, how does campfire and whiskey sound? The candle maker, Base Camp, suggests shaking yourself a dark liquor drink, and lighting up this candle for instant ambiance. With a gentle, boozy and sweet scent, you might be tempted to spread your sleeping bag out in the living room. 8 oz. gets you 45 hours of burn time. We just wish they came in bigger sizes.