Evergreen Issues: Cape Town Crisis, Senate Candidate calls Working Women ‘She-Devils’ and Recycling Impact

Every Tuesday we bring you issues that impact you as an outdoor loving woman. Whether it has to do with climate change or female empowerment, we scour the internet, including government bills, social media and local and national news, and deliver it to you – so you know.

1. The Countdown to “Day Zero” in Cape Town

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South Africa’s second largest city is on the verge of making history – and not in a good way. It could become the first, first-world city to run out of water. The area has been in a drought since 2015. Experts say it’s the worst drought the area has seen in more than a century. The water crisis is coming to a head as “day zero,” the name for the day the city shuts off water to its four million citizens, quickly approaches. Cape Town officials estimate that day will hit within the first 15 days of April.

The city has put water restrictions in place to make the remaining water last as long as possible but reports show that less than 40 percent of citizens followed the guidelines in January. The Washington Post cited officials who said , “hospitals, key economic and industrial areas and densely populated areas with a higher risk of disease would be exempt from a water cut-off.” Once the water is shut off Al Jazeera reports, “no water will come out the taps, fire services would be unable to extract water from fire hydrants, and residents would not be able to flush their toilets.” Citizens will be allowed 25 litres per person per day that can be collected at stations around the city.

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The city is trying to quash rising panic as protesters march outside the civic center chanting, “water for all or the city must fall.” Some say that city officials have ignored group and citizen complaints and calls for action to fix water issues for years.

2. Senate Candidate calls Working women “She-Devils”

Courtland Skyes, Missouri Senate Candidate, She Devils, Banshees

A Missouri senate candidate, Courtland Sykes, is under fire for his comments about women’s rights. He called feminists she-devils and banshees. Saying, “I want to come home to a home cooked dinner at six every night, one that she fixes and one that I expect one day to have daughters learn to fix after they become traditional homemakers and family wives.” Sykes goes on to say, “I want daughters to have their own intelligence, their own dignity, their own work space and their own degrees; I want them to build home based enterprises and live in homes shared with good husbands and I don’t want them to grow up into career obsessed banshees who forego home life and children and the happiness of a family to become nail-biting manophobic hell-bent feminist she devils.”

Courtland Skyes, Womens Rights, She Devils, Courtland SkyesThe quotes came after a Q and A piece in the St. Louis Post Dispatch. Sykes also, defending his words, posted the full copy on his candidate Facebook Page.

Sykes is hoping to unseat Democrat Claire McCaskill. Missouri girls; you can vote November 6, 2018. Just be sure to register in plenty of time. Last week in Evergreen Issues we told you about the women’s march to the polls where they’ll face off with candidates like Sykes. 

3. Recycling: There’s a right way and a wrong way

Did you know recycling is causing pollution? The United States sends most of our recycling off to China where they sort and process it. All of that recycling is adding to their already polluted air. Recently Grist, released a video explaining exactly why just recycling, isn’t enough, and that many of us are doing it wrong. If you have three minutes, watch this. You won’t regret it.