Getting outside again: Meet the Hiking Mama

Being a mother is one of the greatest responsibilities women are given.

My Name is Angie and I have two beautiful kids – my son Julian (7) and my daughter Penelope (2).

As soon as I became a mother, I dedicated every waking minute to my kids and noticed I stopped doing things for myself. I found myself feeling guilty for attempting to go anywhere without them. Yes, I would go to work and would have to leave them, but as soon as I got home it was all about them, which is okay, but still, I wasn’t doing anything for myself.

Hi, I’m Angie, aka, the Hiking Mama!

One day, I was invited to go hiking with some friends. I almost didn’t go because I didn’t want to leave my kids behind. Once on the trail, I still found myself thinking about whether I should have left them. As I continued on the trail walking past wildflowers, with the wind flowing through my hair, I found myself thinking that I could get used to this. Then, I reached the top. The feeling of peaking a mountain seeing the amazing views from the top – I was in awe. Once I made it down and looked back, I thought to myself, I just climbed that, YES, I did. It struck something inside me and I wanted more. I wanted to hike more! It also brought me back to the days when I spent much more time outdoors.

It got me thinking, why did I stop?

I started looking into more trails and going hiking more and more. Depending on how challenging the trail was, I’d bring the kids along with me. I saw how much joy it brought them and seeing that only brought me more joy.

I realized that I didn’t have to stop doing things for myself – I just needed to find a way to welcome my kids into it. Yes, from time to time, I get a group of friends together and we do a more challenging hike where I leave my kids behind, but that’s okay. We must not forget that “me” time. It’s healthy for all us mothers to get some “me” time.

Hiking has become such a big part of my family’s life.

It’s a great way to disconnect from technology and just spend time outside. I go hiking every weekend whether it’s with my kids (which it mostly is), alone or with a group of friends. I started looking into group hikes and realized how amazing the hiking community is. I, too, wanted to make an impact in the outdoor community so I started Mothers Who Hike. I want other mothers to know that they can still enjoy the outdoors – that being a mom doesn’t mean the adventures have to stop. We as mothers do not need to put our lives on hold and stop doing what we love. We just need to adjust a little.

I was so excited when Grace and Katie reached out to me about writing a monthly article for Evergreen Girls. I truly want to show other mothers how easy it can be to just get out there. I will be writing future articles about the right gear to use, what to pack, trail snacks, family adventure vacations and so on. If there is anything in particular you would like to hear about please let me know. Happy hiking!