GEAR UP: with Salomon X-Mission 3 Trail Running Shoes for women

Whether I’m taking the dogs to play in a muddy field, hitting the trail for a run or climbing a mountain, the Salomon X-Mission 3 shoes always dutifully carry me through.

The quick and dirty:

Comfort: ****

Weather resistance: ****

Support: ****

Durability: ****

Weight: *****

Total: ****

The brand: Salomon has become a respected name in all-terrain footwear. The brand offers a range of shoes for hitting the trail, with foot support ranging from extreme to minimal. Regardless, its shoes have become known for providing hands-free support in any conditions.


  • Weight: 1 lb. 2 oz.
  • Insulated: no
  • Waterproof: no (but available)
  • Material: Nylon mesh/synthetic leather overlays, polyester, Injected EVA
  • Outsole and Cotagrip rubber
  • Midsole height: 26mm/16mm (10mm drop)

Trail tested: These shoes first took me to Costa Rica. I wore them on the plane to San Jose (LOVED the pull tab lace system through TSA!) and straight into the jungle the next morning. Throughout the trip, I hiked through rain, mud, humidity and dry heat, and while my socks and feet got WET, they stayed happy, and the shoes dried within 24 hours time. Since then, I’ve walked dogs and climbed mountains, all the while, never having to tie a shoelace. The grippy soles have fared well along pebbly beaches, root-adorned trails and scaling big boulders.

Here’s my take: As someone who can start to feel weird about shoes with high ankles, I love the way the X-Mission 3’s leave my legs feeling free.

They’re so lightweight – honestly, wearing them on the trail is like hiking in bare feet, but with support. Picking up the tempo and going for a jog is fair game – just pay attention to any obstacles along the way so you don’t roll an ankle. Totally arbitrary (but is it REALLY?), I adore the range of colors these kicks come in. You’ll find yourself wearing them off the trail just to show off. I will say, while the sneakers hold up through pretty treacherous conditions, it would be SO nice if they were waterproof – if you’re wearing them on a trip and need them day after day, having to wear slightly damp shoes is not ideal.

Let’s talk money: For the money, these shoes are a STEAL. I nabbed mine on for $65 on sale, but full price, they’ll run you around $115. Either way, they’re worth it.

Do you have a pair of the Salomon X-Mission 3s? Rate them here: ****** and leave a review in the comments. We love to hear your take.