Gear Up: With the Hydro Flask Tumbler

Hydro Flask 32 oz. Tumbler
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In an over-saturated hydration market, the Hydro Flask Tumbler is a trusted companion. Grab a handful of ice, fill it with cold water and slip it into your car’s cup holder for the start of a busy day.

The brand: Hydro Flask was started in 2009 in beautiful Bend, Oregon. At the time, the brand was the only all-insulated bottle line-up on the market.

The company says its mission is to “save the world from lukewarm.”


32 oz
Volume 945 mL
Mouth Diameter 3.6″
Diameter 2.9″
Height 8.5″
Weight 16.8 oz

Life tested: I picked out the 32 ounce with the intent of carting it to work every morning filled with water. I wanted something that was easy to hold (while balancing a heavy shoulder bag, car keys and an extra jacket). In a year of owning it, it works just as well as the day I bought it!

If you’ve ever owned a Hydro Flask, you know – the water stays cool for hours (and so does ice!).

You do need to be careful about overfilling the tumbler as the lid has a slit you cannot close. Any bouncing and your drink will spill.

Versatility tested: Hydro Flasks work well with both ice water and hot tea or coffee. The 32 ounce size is not as great for the dual temperatures, as 32 ounces is a bit much for hot drinks (at least for me). I’d say the 22 ounce option would better suited for both temperatures.

Here’s my take: Hydro Flask was a little late to the tumbler game – Yeti really had the market cornered on insulated tumblers. I was super excited when Hydro Flask came out with one, as I already had a couple of their bottles that I loved. Unlike the Yeti of the same size, there’s no indent that distinguishes the top from the bottom of the tumbler. Instead, the side rises steadily up, which can make it tricky to grip if your hands are slippery. Conversely, the gradual rise makes it easy to hold in one hand and ready to fit in most car cup holders.

Let’s talk money: On the company’s website, you can get your own tumbler for less than $40. Right now, they’re offering the Kiwi and Raspberry colors for $10 off. You can also shop around to find it between $20 and $30 depending on the color and website. For the use you’ll get out of it, it’s worth it.

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