Wonder-falls to spring for

As nature lovers, we can all appreciate the beauty and wonder of a waterfall, but there’s something about witnessing their sparkle at the tail end of winter, when the natural world is breathing new life.

Here are some of our favorite American falls for experiencing a spring awakening.

chush falls

sisters, Oregon

A 2.5 mile trek above Whychus Creek will drop you in the tree line above a magnificent 50 foot waterfall near Sisters, Oregon. Climb down through the trees – the trail was changed after a wildfire a few years back – and feel the spray of the falls as you get closer. The earth beneath your feet is soft moss – from afar, the waterfalls look like a big, welcoming hand.

Fall Creek Falls

Swan Valley, Idaho

You’ll want to consider getting to this one by boat. 60 feet above the Snake River, a few miles from Swan Valley, Idaho, Fall Creek Falls stuns all who feast their eyes on its wide display. As the creek reaches the edge of the precipice, the water expands outward, creating a web of falls as it plummets down. We’re told that these falls are a killer spot to watch the sun rise or set.

Tumalo Falls

Bend, Oregon

Everyone always raves about Oregon’s Multnomah Falls, but we’re partial to Central Oregon’s gorgeous Tumalo Falls. The marvel is an easy 20 minute drive from Bend. You won’t need to work very hard to feast your eyes on this 89 foot tall waterfall – a short hike up from the parking lot will bring you to the overlook. We recommend continuing up the trail for two miles to catch Double and Upper Falls above it.

Upper Yosemite Falls

Yosemite National Park, California

For views of one of America’s tallest waterfalls, you’ll need to plan an all-day excursion. A 7.6 mile round-trip gets you to the top of Upper Yosemite Falls (and back) which, combined with middle cascades and Lower Yosemite Falls, drops an awe-inspiring 2,425 feet. Prime visiting times start in early Spring, when water flow starts to pick up again. Prime your quads and stick to the trail – it gets scary steep.

Blackwater Falls

blackwater falls state park, West Virginia

Tucked away in the Alleghany Mountains of West Virginia, the amber-hued waters of Blackwater Falls descend 57 feet into a glimmering pool. The earthy color comes from fallen hemlock trees and red spruce needles. Bring a picnic lunch and explore the beauty around the water display – there are other natural wonders hidden in every corner of this state park. This waterfall is one of the state’s most photographed – and for good reason.

Bridal Veil Falls

Dupont State Forest, North Carolina

There are many waterfalls across America known as Bridal Veil Falls, but there’s only one like that on display in Dupont State Forest, North Carolina. Making for a 120 foot fall, the water cascades gently over rounded rock. The trail – a short hike from the state forest’s parking lot – puts you on rock and earth at the base of the waterfall. You can actually sit on the edge of a rock as the water from the falls flows out of sight beneath you. We like to hike up the rock face the water flows along – it’s truly a sight to see.