Evergreen Issues: EPA Conflicts of Interest, Kids Cleared to Sue Trump and Superwomen are Cleaning up After Superstorms

Every Tuesday we bring you issues that impact you as an outdoor loving woman. Whether it has to do with climate change or female empowerment, we scour the internet, including government bills, social media and local and national news, and deliver it to you – so you know.

1. Conflict of Interest in the EPA

The Associated Press analysed the inner workings of the EPA and here’s what they found: some former lobbyists working within the EPA are being given an EPA, Evergreen Issues, Issues, Environmental Issuesethics hall pass.

ABC News says many of the people hired at the EPA after Trump took office have ties to industries that answer to the EPA. In an article dated March 8, ABC News writes:

Of 59 EPA hires tracked by the AP over the last year, about a third worked as registered lobbyists or lawyers for chemical manufacturers, fossil fuel producers or other corporate clients. This is the very type of revolving-door conflicts of interests that Trump promised voters he would eliminate.”

Many of these employees have signed agreements not to let their former ties affect their work for the EPA – BUT –  the AP says through their analysis they found that President Trump’s attorney, Don McGahn, has issued at least three ethics waivers to three employees. Grist says, those people are now working at the EPA on matters that directly have to do with their previous employers.”

One such employee, according to the analysis, is Erik Baptist. He is an EPA

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Erik Baptist

attorney that up until he was hired at the federal agency, worked as a lobbyist for the American Petroleum Institute. His work involved lobbying congress regarding a law to repeal the Renewable Fuel Standard. In August, McGahn granted him the right to counsel Scott Pruitt on renewable fuel laws.

The list goes on. Click here for an in-depth look at who else was granted a hall pass.

2. Kids are Cleared To Sue Trump Over Climate Change

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Photo by: Lorie Shaull

Despite efforts by federal attorneys for President Trump, the San Francisco Court of Appeals ruled that 21 Oregon kids can continue with their lawsuit against the President. Back in 2015, 21 Oregon children put the lawsuit regarding the country’s efforts to stop climate change in the motion. Trump and Co. says the lawsuit is too broad –  the discovery efforts would be too great a burden. A judge, says that argument will not hold up. Now, lower courts have the go ahead to continue the court process, including discovery requests.

3. Superwomen Clean Up After Superstorm in Puerto Rico

In Puerto Rico women are community AND household leaders. An article posted by Grist says when superstorms strike, many times, it’s the women who are hit hardest as they work overtime to build back their communities and hold down daily household responsibilities.

Hurricane Maria left Puerto Rico without power for months. Grist cites a study

Photo By: U.S. Department of Agriculture

completed by Christiana Smyrilli, a civil engineering Phd student at the University of Cambridge. Smyrilli’s speciality is water sanitation in rural areas and how it relates to genders. Grist says Smyrilli found that “the impact was greater on women because of their household responsibilities.” They say that while men were largely responsible for finding and bringing home clean water, women then had the mentally taxing duty of rationing that water for duties like cooking, cleaning and bathing.

If you would like to donate or help women helping their communities in Puerto Rico – click here.

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