The Best Exercises to Get in Shape For Peak Bagging Season

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Who has some lofty mountain climbing goals this summer? I know I do.

Unfortunately my winter training regimen involved more watching Parks and Rec. than actually going to parks or participating in rec. I’m not going to let that stop me, though. I want to take a big bite out of the 46 high peaks of the Adirondacks this summer. THAT’S my goal. Now that you know, I better follow through. Plus, I thought I’d share my workout plan with you so you can see how I aim on doing it. My hope is that it helps you reach your goals, too.

Before we get started, I have a disclaimer: this is just something that I’m doing and I am by no means a professional. You must listen to your body and do what works for you and set aside exercises that don’t. 

Lets Get Started!

I created this as a mix and match workout because I have a tendency to get bored of routine at the gym. This way, the shell is always here, but it never gets old.

Block 1: Warm Up
Pick one of the four options listed below.

1. Jogging uphill at a three percent incline for 10 minutes
2. Biking at a high resistance (this means it should feel challenging and your RPM’s shouldn’t go over 75) for 10 minutes
3. Elliptical at a high resistance for 10 minutes
4. Jump rope for 10 minutes – one minute on, one minute off

Block 2: Cardio Circuit
This block is all about body weight. It’s meant to be an intense five to 10 minute circuit. Don’t stop! Pick three to five of the options listed below and go for five to 10 minutes.
**The goal is to able to get through more rounds over time in the same amount of time.**

1. Eight Burpees
2. 12 Jump Lunges Or Regular Lunges
3. Eight Bodybuilders (down out, in, up)
4. 20 Mountain Climbers
5. 10 Pulse Squat Jumps
6. 12 Side lunges

Block 3: Climbing Specific Cardio
Pick one of four options listed below.

1. Stair climber for 20 minutes
2. Up-hill walking or running on treadmill (set random hill at a challenging level) or on the road for 20 minutes
3. Alternate between two minutes of (high incline) uphill walking, two minutes of (high intensity) running and two minutes of walking
4. Hike outside (extra points for doing it with a weighted backpack)

Block 4: Core
Five, one minute sets of five or more options below – Increase the time of the sets in five second increments as you feel you can.

1. Crunches
2. Scissor kick
3. Plank
4. Side Plank
5. Bicycle Crunches
6. Leg raises
7. Bosu Ball Crunches


Block 5: Weights
Four to six sets of two or more of the options listed below. Pick a weight that works for you and build up from there. 

1. Walking Lunges (15)
2. Barbell Squats (15)
3. Goblet Squats (15)
4. Leg Press (15)
5. Single-Leg Leg Press (15 on each side)
6. Posterior Extensions OR Barbell Sunrises (15)
7. Weighted Step Ups (15 on each side)
8. Calf Raise (20 on each side)
9. Goblet Side Lunges (15 on each side)


You’re finished and one step closer to the top of that peak!

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** Do you have other exercises that work for you when you’re getting in shape to bag a peak? Put them in the comments below to help us all reach our goals.**