Even Rivers Have To

Evergreen Girls, If a River Has to

Recently things have felt up in the air.

For that reason it’s somewhat ironic that I had this thought while I was high above the clouds, flying to and from my new hometown in Connecticut.

I boarded the plane and sat in my window seat. I looked up and turned the air above me off because no matter how stuffy the plane gets, there’s something about that air that just feels dirtier. Then, I sat there waiting for that hunk of metal to take off and somehow get me from point ‘A’ to point ‘B’ safely. Once in the air, I stared absently down as the plane traveled from the East Coast to the Heartland, my eyes following the path of a wide, proud river below. Soon enough – I began to think.

That river – it’s path wasn’t straight. It weaved around the landscape. From such a high distance, it was hard to understand or see what was down there to force such a giant out of it’s way. From above it looked like the easiest path, to fulfilling it’s ultimate destiny of dumping triumphantly into the sea, was straight.

For me, I don’t know what my ultimate destiny is, but neither does the water upstream in the river. It only knows that it feels compelled and pulled downhill towards it. I have worked relentlessly at a job I once loved only to wake up one day and realize it was not fulfilling me like I thought it would. The river encounters rocks, small hills and other roadblocks that change its course.

I, too, felt a barrier and a phantom force compelling me to bank a hard right. I listened.

It’s an awkward place to be, flowing one direction so that you can eventually get back on track. It requires trust in my own hard work and ultimately faith in that gravitational pull towards destiny. Is all this path carving going to pay off?

Through all that fear though – looking down at the river gave me hope.

Even the mightiest river must change its course. It must find the best path for it but that doesn’t mean its path will be straightforward. It must bank a hard right here and there even when, for those looking down from above, it seems like it would have been easier to have gone straight. Once that river decides to flow there, though, that land is forever changed. Through might and sheer force that river cuts through the toughest of rock and land, it forges it’s path forever.

That river, like me, leaves its mark as it progresses and I too am a force of nature to be reckoned with.