Revamp your lunch game with Earth Day worthy products

Earth Day 2018 is Sunday, April 22, so what better excuse to revamp your lunch game with sustainable products?

The epa estimates the average american creates 4.5 pounds of trash every day.

We scoured the web to find five products that don’t just make your day easier – they make the planet happy, too.

no more plastic bottles


This California-based company makes water bottles using recyclable high-quality food grade stainless steel. They come in an array of designs, colored using non-toxic paint. Most of the line is limited edition, so you can be sure you’ll stand out from the pack. They’re decorated in beautiful animals and natural elements that will remind you of nature from your desk. A mini carabiner will take you from your purse to day pack.

EarthLust is a B-Certified Corporation, that designs its bottles in California. While the bottles are made in China, they’re all tested stateside.

We like the GAIA Single Wall 1 Liter Gingko bottle, priced at $21..

eating with plastic is so 2008

Did you know that plastic utensils are non-biodegradable? B-Corp To-Go Ware makes earth-friendly goods for reducing waste in your daily life. Their bamboo RePEat Utensil set comes in a cloth holder that’s made out of


recycled plastic water bottles.

The pack – priced at $12.95 – comes with a knife, fork, spoon and chopsticks. The cutlery is all crafted out of bamboo. Bamboo is heat and stain resistant, which means it doesn’t absorb flavors. You can hand wash the utensils OR throw them in the dishwasher.

to stash your snacks

These reusable velcro bags hold pretzels, carrot sticks and sandwiches like a champ – and they come in the most eye-catching prints.

Women-owned and operated LunchSkins makes these bags (did we mention that they’re DISHWASHER


SAFE?) as part of a larger line devoted to living a plastic-bag-free life.

In their lifetime, the company says the bags replace upwards of 500 plastic bags!

Whether you’re headed to the office, or into the wild, an $11.99 lunch bag set is an environmentally friendly effort anyone can get behind.

not your grandma’s tupperware


Say goodbye to your cheap set of Tupperware, with its mismatched lids and questionable (at best) quality. B-Corp U-Konserve, started by two mothers who wanted more options for environmentally conscious lunching, offers a wide range of stainless steel storage containers that nest for easy storage.

The Square Nesting Trio comes with 50 oz, 30 oz and 15 oz containers, perfect for stowing leftovers or all your goodies for the day. The lids are leak-resistant, and you can throw both pieces right into the dishwasher (top-shelf recommended – hand wash the lids if possible to extend their life!). BONUS: the trio is on sale right now!

UPGRADE YOUR brown bag


We’re taking the classic brown bag to a new level. To hold all our lunch accoutrements, Fit & Fresh‘s Classic Roll Top Insulated Lunch Bag  does the trick.

The waxed canvas outer pairs well with any purse or tote bag, and allows the food (and the gorgeous products mentioned above) to be the main focus. Roll the top top based on how much is stuffed inside! It comes with a non-toxic ice pack and the PEVA lining IS PVC free.

For a more sustainable lunch pack option, we like U-Konserve’s Insulated Lunch Sack.