Trout Brook Valley Preserve, Green to Red to White Loop: Easton, Connecticut

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This loop trail crosses small brooks and takes you up and down tree-lined valleys. It’s barely traveled so the sound of the rustling trees, birds chirping and the padding of your own feet could be the only sounds you hear.

Trout Brook Valley Preserve has an extensive trail system so if a peaceful 4.6 mile walk in the woods isn’t quite your speed, you can easily adjust.

Hiking in Connecticut, Connecticut Hikes, Evergreen Girls, Hiking, Women Hiking, Women Who ExlploreGet Ready: Pack your water and hop in your car – Easton Connecticut is your destination. It’s about 30 minutes on CT-15N from Stamford and about 25 minutes on CT15S from Bridgeport.

Get Set: There’s very little parking at the dirt parking lot at the end of Bradley Road. You’ll want to get an early start or you’ll risk parking on the side of the narrow street. Make sure you stop and take a look at the trail map. You’ll be following the green trail to the red trail to the white trail. It will loop you back to the parking lot.

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Tip: Take a pic of the map so you can refer to it out there! There are more than 20 miles of trails in the park so it’s easy to get turned around.Hiking, Connecticut Hikes, Good Hikes in Connecticut, Evergreen Girls, New England Trails

Go:  Head out on a nicely groomed path marked by both green and white arrows. Keep an eye to your right, the green path quickly juts off into the woods. You’ll meander on a cushy dirt path around the trees, up onto overlooks and across sweet babbling brooks. In the summertime, Trout Brook Valley Preserve boasts apple orchards and blueberry bushes. The green trail is easy to see but once you pad off onto the red trail, things are less well-marked. It’s easy to get off track, not only because the path is hard to see, but the nature is hard to take your eyes off, too. You’ll meet up again with your trusty friend, the white trail and head back towards Bradley Road.

The trail is quiet and peaceful. With 646 ft of elevation gain it’s the perfect mix of ups and downs. It’s the type of trail that can be a challenge for you and still fun and conquerable for little ones.

Takeaway: As I was walking I thought, “this would be the perfect trail for some extended reflection.” Next time, I think I’ll bring a notebook and find a ridge with a view and a breeze and stay a while.

Fun Fact: Trout Brook Valley Preserve almost didn’t exist. In the 90s a developer planned to build luxury apartments and a golf course on this very spot. Concerned citizens jumped in and with pure grit and a little bit of funding – they saved it for us to enjoy. I don’t know about you, but that gives me a lot of faith in civic action!