Evergreen Issues: Flint Woman Wins Environmental Award, Top Cities Where Women Find Success and an Animal on the Brink of Extinction

Every Tuesday we bring you issues that impact you as an outdoor loving woman. Whether it has to do with climate change or female empowerment, we scour the internet, including government bills, social media and local and national news, and deliver it to you – so you know.

1. Flint Woman Wins Environmental Award

LeAnne Walters is a mother of four who lives in Flint, Michigan. She’s this year’s winner of the Goldman Environmental Prize.

In 2014, she noticed her tap water turned brown, her babies were breaking out in rashes, her daughter’s hair was falling out and Walters’ eyelashes fell out, too. She thought something wasn’t right and she acted on her gut instinct. Flint MIchigan, Evergreen Issues, Evergreen GirlsWalters started researching water chemistry and Flint’s water system. She found out the city had started taking water from the Flint River, a highly corrosive body of water. She suspected the city had not lined the lead pipes to prevent breakdown. She alerted the city that something could be wrong and when the city finally came to check – they found her water contained lead levels that were 104 parts per billion (extremely high). The city of Flint told residents this was an isolated case so Walters began researching symptoms and the lasting effects of lead poisoning. She began working with a Virginia professor.

The Goldman Environmental Prize says, “Walters methodically sampled each zip code in Flint and set up a system to ensure the integrity of the tests. She worked over 100 hours per week for three straight weeks and collected over 800 water samples—garnering an astounding 90% response rate. She found lead levels as high as 13,200 ppb—more than twice the level the EPA classifies as hazardous waste.”

Because of Walters’ dedicated work, the city took action and fixed their water system issues. Walters is now an advocate for citizen-scientists and community advocacy.

2. Top Cities Where Women Are Successful

Smart Asset just came out with a list of 10 cities where women are finding the most success.Rosie the Riveter, Evergreen Girls, Evergreen Issues

They based their findings on 6 factors:

  1. women with bachelor’s degrees
  2. median earnings for full-time working women
  3. percent of businesses owned by women
  4. women’s unemployment rate
  5. average housing cost as a percent of a full-time working woman’s income
  6. percent of women with high incomes.

They found the top three cities are:

  1. Arlington, Virginia
  2. Scottsdale, Arizona
  3. Madison, Wisconsin

To find out why and see the rest of the list, click here.

3. The Lower 48s Last Caribou, Functionally Extinct

Evergreen Issues, Extinct, Evergreen GirlsThe Gray Ghosts were the lower 48s last wild pack of caribou. The New York Times reports that the herd is functionally extinct. They say the herd that lives in Washington and Idaho is down to just three animals.

Experts say industrialization in British Columbia is the root cause of the die-off. However, there are still more than 3,000 of the species in Canada.

Experts say if something isn’t done they could meet the same fate.