Reincarnate: a poem

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What self-centered son of an ape
Believes that our special powers
Opposable thumbs and
Ear-splitting, air-thumping, whooshing
hunks of steel
Earn us another chance
More years to flit about in the blue?
Good behavior an upgrade to a body more noble
Fur formed with four prints
Feather fitted wings for floating.

Yet our place is here too.
Amongst the fireworks of spring:
Sweet green of honeysuckle leaves
Sensual purple of buckeye
Daffodils in various suits, their Easter best
Redbud named wrong
Moss, tight curls of Gaia
Algae, flowing hair of a resting mermaid
Frog song, laughter of the woodpecker
Bobbing, twitching of catfish and crappie.

I claimed the sugar maple
Carving my name with rubber soles.
So it claimed my skin as I climbed,
Hoisting my body into green, purple, orange
Creeping fingers of spring glowing in the sunlight.
If I listen, if I breathe deep enough
I feel it tingle. I hear the hum.
Beyond traffic and lawnmowers and dogs yelling,
Spirit of everything roaring to life.