Gear UP: with the Jetboil Minimo

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Small but mighty – the Jetboil Minimo gets the party (aka dinner) started in under 5 minutes. It’s easy to backpack in. Once you’re out there, the Minimo is intuitive to use.

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The Jetboil Minimo
  • Ease of Use
  • Durability
  • Weight
  • Packability
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Specs:Backpacking gear, outdoor women's community, hiking, evergreen girls, outdoor women, gear reviews, camping stove reviews

Weight: 14 oz
Size: 5×6 inches (packed)
Burn time: about 60 minutes
Cooking cup volume: about 38 fluid oz

Backpacking tested: The Jetboil Minimo is relatively small, breaking down and packing at 5×6 inches. Lightweight packers might say this is still too bulky but for your average packer, this stove system will work just fine. I personally tested mine as I headed into the wilderness of the Olympic Peninsula. At first, the ignitor switch did not light. This could have been user error as I was a little hesitant, as any sane person might be with a fuel canister and fire. After I got over my fears and pulled the switch confidently, the auto ignition kicked in and up spurted the flame. It was easy to turn up or down.

The cooking cup holds about 38 fluid ouces – that’s about 4.75 cups. The most impressive part of this little machine is it’s might. The average boil time on these puppies is under 5 minutes. That means from start to dinner you could be eating in under ten. After a long day backpacking or froclicking in the woods, you know meal time is key and hangry hikers can be scarier than bears.

The cup detaches and the handles are rubber insulated so you can eat straight from it. It’s relatively easy to clean. As you know from cooking at home, any pot camping gear, gear review, outdoor community for women, evergreen girls, women who hike, women who explorecan be hard to clean if you burn what you’re cooking.

Here’s my take: I recommend the Jetboil Minimo. It was given Backpacker Magazine’s 2015 editor’s choice award and it lives up to the hype. Some people have complained about their Minimo falling apart or breaking down. This has yet to happen to me and I don’t see any signs of my little guy giving up.

Let’s talk money: This cooking system will cost you about $130. A comparable stove, from MSR costs $144. Remember these are best for backpackers – where size is important. There are cheaper options available for camp cooking.