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Best indoor plants to purify air

We all love being outdoors – so why not bring a little bit of it inside with us.

Stocking your home with plants has proven health benefits. Did you know that a study by NASA found that indoor plants can purify the air of cancer causers like benzene and nitrogen dioxide?

In that same study, scientists say that people who are sick recover faster in the presence of plants. If that’s not enough, peep these reasons to keep some green in your life.

  • They reduce carbon dioxide levels (Hi CO2 levels contribute to the EPA’s indoor plants, evergreen girls, we are evergreen girls, outdoor womens community, healthy living“sick building” syndrome)
  • Plants increase humidity (an essential for beautiful, healthy skin)
  • Reduces airborne dust by 20% (reducing risk of asthma related illness)

Last but CERTAINLY not least:

  • Plants keep your home cooler (saving you $$$$$)

“Ok, i’m in,” you say to yourself, “so what plants should i buy?”

Here are 5 plants that help purify the air inside your home. 

  1.  The Peace Lily – A plant that is nearly impossible to kill and alsoPlants the purify your home, Purifying plants, evergreen girls, outdoor women's community, clean air, clean living, plants, indoor plants purifies your air?! Can I get a hell yes? That’s why the Peace Lily is our #1. This plant reduces mold spores. It can be used in bathrooms to keep tile mildew at bay. It reduces toxic cancer causers like benzene, formaldehyde and carbon monoxide. Warning: its leaves are toxic to pets.
  2. The Boston Fern – it’s a full, bright green beauty that falls in thePlants the purify your home, indoor plants, outdoor women's community, evergreen girls top ten of NASA’s 50 purifying plants. This plant is easy to care for and has a fabulous texture, not to mention, it’s perfect for a hanging basket. The Boston Fern is known to remove toxic chemicals from cigarette smoke to formaldehyde.
  3. Ivy, Plants that purify the air, evergreen girls, we are evergreen girls, outdoor women's community, plants, green thumb Devil’s Ivy or English Ivy – Ivy is a master purifier. They’re known to clean toxic chemicals similar to the Peace Lily but it also removes more than 50 percent of… get ready for it… airborne feces. YUCK. Within just a few hours of being indoors, ivy gets to work – reducing mildew by more than 70 percent in less than a day. Evergreen Girls, Plants, Indoor Plants, Plants That Purify the Air, Indoor Air Quality
  4. The Rubber Plant – This plant is a pro at getting rid of dust in the air. It also cleans the air you breath of carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide and formaldehyde. The rubber plant has a beautiful burgundy hue, too. Warning: Rubber plant leaves are toxic for pets.
  5. The Areca Palm – this plant is powerful, NASA’s Evergreen Girls, Outdoor Women's Community, Plants that purify the air#1 air purifier. This plant is known to remove toluene and xylene which are used in many household and industrial products. This baby also increases humidity.

Have an indoor plant that you love? Put it in the comments!