Lynch’s Woods Park: Newberry, South Carolina

You’ll see deer, red birds and maybe even a cow or two on your trek through Lynch’s Woods Park in Newberry, South Carolina.

The 4.2 mile gravel road will lead you through habitat typical for the Midlands – tall pines, oaks and poplars create a canopy shielding you from the hot Palmetto State sun.

Get ready: Lynch’s Woods Park is located off U.S. 76 (Wilson Road), between downtown Newberry, South Carolina and I-26. From the Interstate, take 219 (Main Street) to 76, take a left and then take a left at the sign for Lynch’s Woods Park.

Get set: I always park at the start of the gravel road, in the area designated for trucks with horse trailers. Just be smart about your parking job if no one is there – chances are, someone will show up pulling a trailer, so leave space for them!

Go: Simply follow the dirt road to start your trek. This review is for the 4.2 mile loop formed by the gravel road. However, there are 7.5 other miles of single-track trails to be found in the park. There are also fabulous trails for equestrian. Three miles of the cross-state Palmetto Trail weave through the park. I like to start by turning to the right.

Effort: This is a great loop for a trail run, or a brisk hike amid the trees. The road is full of gradual inclines and declines – it’s a decent physical challenge. Anyone from the newly minted hiker to an old pro will appreciate the ascents afforded by the terrain.

Takeaways: This is a great place to stretch your legs and take a deep breath in nature. Newberry is about 50 minutes northwest of Columbia – it’s a nice four hour escape from the sprawl of the Capital. Kids, in particular, will appreciate how the gravel loop passes by a large family farm where a herd of mud-loving cows lives.