Green River Narrows: Flat Rock, North Carolina

The roar becomes harder to ignore as you trod closer: descend down a steep, slippery path to feast your eyes on the Narrows, raging rapids hidden within Green River Game land.

The 3 mile out and back trail near Flat Rock, North Carolina starts off modestly, as it meanders beside and then across a creek.

Get ready: Set your GPS to the address for Pulliam Creek Trailhead (map embedded below). You’ll drive down Big Hungry Road for a while before pulling into the shoulder next to the trail head. The trail is located within Green River Game Land, a swath of some 8,000 protected acres just off I-26 about 40 minutes south of popular Asheville, N.C.

Get set: Pull your car onto the shoulder and grab your trail accouterments – it’s only a 3 mile journey, but the trek down to the Narrows is worth a snack or two while you take in the view and catch your breath!

Go: Set off on the Pulliam Creek Trail (well-marked). Continue along the creek for about 1.2 miles. Depending on the current conditions, you might need to cross the creek – be prepared to get your shoes wet! Keep a close eye out for the turnoff down to the Narrows on the right – it’s easy to miss. This route is steep and slippery. Stay low to the ground, and just accept that things are going to get a bit messy. If you don’t fight the dirt, it doesn’t hurt 😉

Follow the ropes and pink ribbons down to the ledge to look out over the Green River rapids. Don’t get too close to the edge – while impressive, they’re extremely DANGEROUS. Return the way you came (FEEL THE BURN!!!) to get back to your car.

Effort: The majority of this trek is not bad. It’s a gradual decline on the way to the turn off, so upon return, you’ll feel your pulse quickening as you get closer to your car. Now, the quick, steep .3 portion down to see the rapids is not to be attempted by amateur hikers, kids or dogs. If you’re not in good shape, I wouldn’t risk a fall.

Takeaways: This was a great way to dip our toes into the less popular Green River Gameland. It’s SO close to Asheville, but not as frequented as spots like Looking Glass Rock and Black Balsam Knob, closer to the Blue Ridge Parkway. If you’re an experienced hiker, give this route a go. If not, stay on the Pulliam Creek Trail for a peaceful, moderate trek through beautiful preserved land.