Macedonia Brook Loop Trail, Kent CT

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Macedonia Brook State Park is wild. Throughout the hike you’ll hear a constant shuffling of leaves as chipmunks chase each other and dart across the path before you.

The views from Macedonia Brook Loop Trail are incredible, but you’re going to work for them. This 7 mile hike will take you up thousands of feet above valleys below, by babbling streams and through open grassy fields.

Connecticut State Park, Evergreen Girls, Outdoor Lifestyle BlogGet Ready: Macedonia Brook State Park is located just a couple miles outside of the charming little town of Kent, CT, in the northern part of the state near the New York State border. Be sure to bring some trail munchies and plenty of water as this is a long, difficult hike. Plan to make a pit-stop in Kent after for a bite.

Get set: Keep in mind that you’ll likely lose service inside Macedonia Brook Outdoor LIfestyle Blog, Evergreen girls, Outdoor Women's Community, Connecticut State Park, Connecticut Hikes, Evergreen GirlsState Park. On the trail you’ll get spotty service but all in all it’s best to have some idea of where you’re going before you get in there. Head to the trail head – there’s a small pull-off to park across from it or just a little up the road. Walk down the grass and dirt path – the trail begins on your right. There is a sign that says “trail.” You’ll be following the light blue trail markers. I advise starting on the left side of the loop because it’s easier to scramble up rocks than down them.

Go: The Macedonia Brook Loop Trail (if you begin on the left) will start immediately going upwards. At 1.2 miles in you’ll reach the highest point on the almost 7 mile loop. Getting there is a scramble. You will quite literally have to rock climb. I almost brought the dogs, but after hauling myself up the rocks, I was glad I didn’t have them. You’ll pass several more lookout points. At three miles in you’ll reach the lowest point of the trail, but the climbing isn’t over yet. The trail will take you across a couple roads and along creeks and back up again. Keep your eye on the woods – you’ll see many small woodland creatures.

A tip: The trail is slightly overgrown at some points: wear long pants and bring deet. While the ferns are beautiful, brushing up against them means You will likely see ticks. be prepared.

At six miles in you’ll see glimpses of water on your right – that’s Hilltop Pond. It’s a sign you’re almost finished. The hike finishes through a grassy little walkway.

Takeaway: This hike is tough but pleasant. The terrain changes constantly and it’s hard to get bored. I’ll be heading back to Macedonia Brook State Park. There were quite a few wonderful campgrounds as well. It looked like a nice place to pitch a tent and explore more.

Head into Kent when you’re finished, grab a bite at the Villager and sneak into an independent bookshop. The coffee and chocolate shop is a good stop, too!