Artists Rock, Sunset Rock and Mary Glen Trail

head to the catskills to walk on a trail with a view. artists rock, sunset rock and mary glen trails run through the woods and along way-up ledges.

it’s a 4.1 mile trip that requires a little rock scrambling but your first breathtaking view is quickly within reach.

Get Ready: Artists Rock, Sunset Rock and Mary Glen Trails are located in the North Campground area of North-South Lake. Make a day out of it or even stay for the night just make sure you pack your swimsuit. The campground is gorgeous, it’s by a lake and it’s also near the Kaaterskill Falls Trailhead and Kaaterskill high-peak one of the Catskill’s 35.

Get Set: To get there you’ll likely pass through Tannersville.

Pro Tip: Tannersville: It’s a sweet little mountain town with the baddest burger and ice cream joint there is. stop by Mama’s boy burgers but don’t fill up solely on patties, get the shake or the ice cream. I’m not ashamed to say, I got both.

Once  you get to North-South Lake, and pay the inexpensive park fee, head to the North Campground Area. Park by the lake and head back to the road you drove in on. Directly to your right, will be a trailhead sign. Walk down the path but keep your eyes to the right as the trail quickly juts off with little signage. If you miss it, and keep walking, you’ll make it another road, at this point you know you’ve walked to far. Head back, there are markings on the trees, they’re just hard to see.

Go: You’ll start your trek through the woods and slowly begin to gain elevation but don’t let that slow build fool you. Only .6 miles into your walk you’ll hit Sunset Rock.

Sit, have a sip and enjoy the view but don’t get too sad leaving, another view is in your near future. At one mile in and at 2,500 feet of elevation you’ll stumble Newman’s Ledge. The trail will then begin to lead you under the cover of gorgeous pines and near oddly textured boulders. At some point you’ll reach a sign that lets you cut through and bypass North Point, or head up to your highest elevation on the hike. If you’re tired, take the shortcut, if not muscle on! North Point is almost exactly the 2 mile marker and is 2,800 feet up. The rest of your hike will bring you back down to earth, along a creek, and by the gorgeous Ashley Falls.

Takeaway: I will definitely be doing this hike again. I brought myself some bug spray and I’m very glad that I did, the mosquitoes and ticks were out in full-force (but that’s the New England). Next time, I’ll stay the night and I’ll head up to Sunset Rock, to well, watch the sunset and maybe have a drink.