Camel’s Hump Summit Trail: Waterbury, Vermont

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More than a hump, Camel’s Hump Summit Trail will take you up 2,565 feet. You’ll hop over small creeks and streams and up giant rocks on your way up. Your legs will start to hurt long before the views.

all of a sudden, though, through the pines, you’ll be able to see for miles. It’s magic. From the summit, see 360 degrees of vibrants greens below. On a clear day you can even see canada.

Get Ready: Camel’s Hump State Park is in Northern Vermont just outside of the small town of Waterbury. It’s 48 minutes from Burlington and an hour from Montpelier in the other direction. Get your map in order because once you get into the state park you will likely lose service. Bring snacks as the hike is about 6 miles out and back.

Get Set: Once you’ve made it to the dirt road, drive just a little bit further and you’ll reach a parking lot on your right. This is the overflow lot. I tested my luck and drove a short way up the road to the small parking lot by the trail head and found one spot. It’s a tight turnaround up there so go at your own risk. The trail head is easy to find and there are bathrooms at the start.

There are signs at the bathroom that actually ask you to pee outside though, first for everything!

Go: You’ll take the Monroe trail up to the summit. The trail starts on an immediate upward slant as you have to climb more than 2,000 feet up in less than 3 miles to the summit. The whole trail is about 6 miles out and back.On this trail you’ll pass through two trail intersections. Stay on the Monroe Trail. However, you can also take the Long trail up to the summit. You’ll pass over plenty of water-smoothed rocks of all sizes and even a couple streams and even a small waterfall. There will be some climbing and scampering up rock formations along the way.

There is plenty of tree coverage. In fact you hardly know how high you are until all of a sudden there are VIEWS with a capital V.

The final 800 feet to the summit is steep but there are a decent amount of trees nearby to grab onto. Just as the views appeared, all of a sudden you’ll make your way above the tree line. The summit views are incredible. On a clear day you can see Canada.

I was up on a windy day. The wind pushed clouds up one side of the mountain, they roared over my head and the wind pushed them back down the other side. It was beautiful and a little scary!

Takeaway: I got to experience this hike on a rainy wet, wonderful day and I loved it. I think that’s the true test. Is a hike amazing in the rain? If so, you have to go back for the clear day. I’m going to take my own advice there.

Protip: stop in Waterbury on your way home at Prohibition Pig. Their food isthe PERFECT after hike meal and well, their brews are life-giving.