Harnessing the power of the outdoors, to find the heroine within

Evergreen Girls evolved out of two friends’ love for a good trail, a belly laugh and the sobering feeling you get from standing in front of a wide open vista.

We went into the forest, we saw its wonders and we brought that feeling of enlightenment home with us, into our workplaces and throughout the greater community.

We want everyone to experience that.


We use the vastness of nature to open the minds of girls and women to a brighter future through community and conservancy.

We are creating original content, to build a different kind of network.


We envision a community of women empowered by each other and lessons learned on the trail.


Katie Higgins


Evergreen Girls, Women, Outdoors, Nature, Hiking, Trails, about evergreen girlsThroughout her college years Katie used trails to get to know herself better. The further she walked down dirt paths, the deeper she dove into the person she wanted to be. Nature helped her solidify her morals, ethics and character. Qualities and ideals she took with her throughout her career in journalism. It is a high-stress, deadline driven and sometime cut-throat work environment. Again, the trail was there for her. This time, it wasn’t a place to delve deeper, but a place to escape. It was a happy place, out of service area, where her work phone couldn’t ring.

It was on the trail that Katie began craving a way to combine her passions of conservancy, female confidence and fearlessness and the great outdoors. She wanted to build an oasis where she could let her storytelling skills thrive in the wild, because as we both know, the wild is where the real magic is. Evergreen Girls was born.

Grace Joyal


Evergreen Girls, Women, Outdoors, Nature, Hiking, Trails, about

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